Lori Thompson

Lori Thompson is backed by over 30 years of experience in leadership roles within medical technology companies. She has successfully led teams both large and start-up companies. Lori specializes in successfully launching new technologies and creating disruptive commercialization strategies. Her experience with a broad range of med-tech products, including capital equipment, disposables, and software products in hospital, physicians’ office, and home care markets is extensive and impressive. Lori is dedicated to cross-functional teamwork and believes that diverse team structures deliver the best results while achieve a fun and enjoyable environment.

Lori’s areas of expertise include board management, fund-raising, new product development, new product launches, global strategy, sales strategies and messaging, business development, partnerships, and alliances, and accountability to deliver P&L results. Lori also is involved in coaching, working with high performance teams to deliver new products and new growth strategies to ultimately inspire and motivate, as to push them further than initially expected. Lori is equipped with extensive experience that enables her to craft winning strategies for companies.