IPO Readiness: Strategies for a Successful Public Offering

By Sydney Gallo

• August 1, 2023

The global Initial Public Offering (“IPO”) market is showing signs of resilience after a period when the IPO window was firmly shut for most companies. Encouraging trends such as a declining Volatility Index and surging stocks, coupled with a bullish market sentiment, suggest that a positive shift is imminent. EY’s Global IPO Trends report forecasts a boost in the IPO market in the next six to twelve months, backed by a robust IPO pipeline. In the report, EY’s Americas IPO Leader, Rachel Gerring, advises companies, “Now is the time to activate your IPO plans and build muscle around operating as a public company. Preparation is key to capitalize on potentially fleeting market windows with confidence.” At LS Associates, we resonate with this sentiment, as our years-long mantra has been to assist clients in planning, preparing, and practicing as a public entity before executing their IPO.

LS Associates stands out in guiding and preparing our clients for a smooth and successful IPO. Our team consists of seasoned executives specializing in finance, accounting, legal, and corporate governance, each possessing an impressive track record of IPO successes. We understand that transitioning from a private to public entity is a substantial transformative process. To facilitate this change, we offer structure, strategy, timelines, and introductions to auditors, accounting firms, investors, and SEC staff. This minimizes time, cost, and uncertainty. Post-IPO, the broader LifeSci Partner platform continues to provide support, an essential phase in a company’s lifecycle. Achieving or exceeding investor and market expectations post-IPO is paramount, and both LS Associates and LifeSci Partners have the expertise to guide companies through this crucial period.

LS Associates is adept at maneuvering companies through the complexities of traditional IPOs, SPAC transactions, Reverse Mergers, and Cross-listings. Our comprehensive solutions for IPO readiness include:

• Strategic Planning and Road Mapping: Our IPO readiness team will collaborate with your management to outline a clear roadmap, pinpoint potential obstacles, and provide a blueprint for your company’s transformation to the public markets.

• Finance and Accounting Reporting: Our financial experts will conduct an extensive operational analysis of your accounting and finance functions, historical periods, and ongoing audit reports. We will fill gaps in policies and procedures, ensuring your FP&A systems align with PCAOB standards, and are primed for investor discussions and SEC disclosures.

• Financial Modeling and Valuation: We will establish comprehensive financial models and connect you with valuation firms to secure a successful IPO offering price.

• Corporate Governance Enhancement: Our experienced corporate governance team will aid you in forming key decision-making committees, establishing strong internal controls, D&O insurance, and anti-fraud programs to satisfy investors and regulatory bodies.

• People Readiness: We will help recruit additional personnel, including executives and board members, prepare internal stakeholders for the rigors of being an SEC registrant, and assess your existing financial team for readiness.

• Risk Mitigation: Our services will lessen financial, accounting, and compliance risks so you can focus on your company and your transformation process timeline.

• Business Section Writing (S-1 or S-4): LS Associates will proficiently draft a compelling business section for your S-1 or S-4, including risk factors, MD&A, CD&A, and other required financials and footnotes.

Our collaboration with LifeSci Advisors and LifeSci Communications offers added investor relations support. This includes building relationships, reviewing, and developing communication plans, creating an enticing equity story, supporting investor outreach and roadshow, PR and social media plans, and preparing for Q&A sessions.

LS Associates’ commitment extends beyond your IPO. We offer continued support, adjustable to your needs, to ensure a smooth transition to public markets and sustained success in meeting all significant milestones in the future.


We are a member of the global LifeSci Partner platform that has been providing valuable executive advisory services since 2009.