Jzaneen Lalani

Jazneen Lalani is an excellent leader who is dedicated to the future of her clients. She holds a BS from Queen’s University, a Bachelor of Law from the University of Victoria and a Master of Law and International Affairs from Columbia University. Her impressive education is coupled with her 20 years of experience in managing life science companies in a variety of areas including Legal, IR, PR, SEC, BOD, and Risk Compliance, Human Resources, Clinical Development and Finance/Accounting. Working out of Seattle, Jazneen is praised for her flexibility and work ethic, with clients consistently reaffirming their appreciation for her work.

Jazneen helps her clients by charting and innovating paths to success. During her last two years at LifeSci, Jazneen has worked as a COO consultant, guiding HR VP through cost saving strategies amounting to over $750 thousand, implementing retention packages, helping re-envision corporate structure, and providing one-on-one coaching opportunities to employees and executives. She is a positive force that inspires a culture of curiosity, humility, and boundary-breaking progress. Jazneen is a natural leader dedicated to heading ambitious, resilient teams that cultivate effective solutions. Driven by her belief in navigating uncertainty with courage and persistence, Jazneen works to solve complex problems and promote efficiency across a range of functional areas.