John Lister

John Lister is a Medical Technology Executive with experience in general management, management of legal affairs, human resources, and business development. His skillset in these areas stems from his experience within a startup diabetes company which has undergone rapid growth and experienced significant innovations in technology and data under his leadership. John is results-driven, collaborative, and high-energy. He has been recognized for building and empowering teams and effectively motivating towards the achievement of ambitious objectives. He is recognized on Dexcom’s CEO succession plan watch list.

John previously worked on the Executive Leadership Team at Dexcom for a decade, where he aided in launching six generations of Continuous Glucose Monitoring systems, achieving rapid growth. His work contributed to an increase in annual revenue from $4 million to $1.5 billion, an increase in patient quantity from 500 to over 275,000, an increased market cap of less than $50 million to approximately $20 billion, an increase in employment from 75 people to over 3,500, and growth from one site to eleven. John’s prominent leadership abilities and executive expertise brought the company to significant success during his time there.