Ginny Buckingham

Ginny Buckingham is an accomplished chief officer who brings over 20 years of executive experience. Prior to her joining LifeSci, Ginny acted as the VP of Corporate Affairs at Pfizer, INC. through the COVID-19 pandemic. She played an instrumental role in expanding the company’s scientific communication through using social and digital media, drafted a company-wide social media policy and launched social media training, and engaged Pfizer employees digitally. Ginny is equipped in all communication channels and has garnered extensive experience in social media and digital advocacy. She is known for her ability to maintain composure through crisis and evaluate complex challenges.
Ginny Buckingham also makes significant contributions to ESG matters and holds extensive experience in the fields of biopharma and transportation. Ginny is recognized as an honest and articulate communicator and a smart, team-oriented professional who can quickly distill a complex challenge to its core issues. As a respected expert in her field, Ginny brings essential and proficient skills to the table.