David Valacer

David Valacer is a successful physician and medical executive with demonstrated expertise in clinical drug development. He is passionate about the advance of investigational new products from first-in-human studies through marketing approval in a science driven, biotechnology oriented pharmaceutical organization. David provides leadership and guidance to multidisciplinary teams in the transition from pre-clinical small molecular and/or biologic drugs programs through all stages of clinical development. He capitalizes on his academic and industry experience with diverse immune modulators (e.g.; monoclonal antibodies, viral vectors, immunotoxins, cell therapy) to design development strategies drawing on new drug approval pathways in collaboration with discovery and pre-clinical colleagues, external disease experts and regulatory agencies. He integrates past medical affairs experience in developing post-marketing (Phase IV) strategies for biologics and small molecules into designing smarter early-stage clinical development (Phase I – III) programs. David streamlines large pharma processes and procedures into the “virtual company” environments of the start-up biotechnology arena. He has a proven ability to successfully work in diverse immuno-modulatory therapeutic areas including oncology, respiratory and auto-immune diseases across a varied range of product platforms.