Featured Spotlight: Brian Dowd

This week, LS Associates would like to spotlight Brian Dowd! Brian Dowd

• February 1, 2023

This week, LS Associates would like to spotlight Brian Dowd! Brian Dowd

Brian has over twenty-five years of consulting experience working alongside technology companies and taking them to the next stages of success. Brian is highly-skilled in devising financial infrastructure and governance. After getting his start in public accounting, Brian shifted his focused and began a career in aiding tech companies during their key inflection points. He has historically played a fundamental role in improving financial operations within tech companies. He has also been an integral member of four IPO teams with listings on the NASDAQ, NYSE and TASE as well as private equity, debt offerings and business combinations.

Based in the Bay Area, Brian has aided in bringing numerous California-based tech companies to financial success for decades. During just the previous 18 months, Brian has demonstrated his financial aptitude in supporting four separate clients through conducting cross over rounds, preparing for, and executing their IPO plans. Specifically, Brian has written the Business Section of a client’s S-1 filing and reorganized the internal accounting, finance, and HR function for another client. Brian excels at identifying the gaps at his clients and solving them with efficient remediation plans, using his network of Auditors, Advisors, Attorneys and Investment Bankers. Brian also supports earlier stage clients with operational and strategic advice, including one Series A and one Series B stage biotech companies.

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