Featured Spotight: Jzaneen Lalani

This week, LS Associates would like to spotlight Jzaneen Lalani!

• February 1, 2023

This week, LS Associates would like to spotlight Jzaneen Lalani!

Jzaneen Lalani is an outstanding leader who is dedicated to the future of her clients. She holds a B.S. from Queen’s University, a Bachelor of Law from the University of Victoria and a Master of Law and International Affairs from Columbia University. Her impressive education and background as an attorney coupled with her 20+ years of experience in managing life science companies in a breadth of various roles puts emphasis on how versatile of a tool she truly is. The engagements she has lead include Investment Relations, Public Relations, SEC framework, BOD advising and placement, Risk Compliance, Clinical Development and Financial/Accounting support.

Jzaneen helps clients by charting, innovating, and optimizing paths for success. During her last two years at LifeSci, Jzaneen has worked as a COO consultant guiding executives through cost saving strategies, implementing retention packages, helping re-envision corporate structure, and providing one-on-one coaching opportunities to employees and executives as their company scales up.

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