Mike Needle

Mike Needle is a pharmaceutical executive with 20 years of experience in industry, academics, and consulting. In addition to his experience in oncology clinical development, Mike has specific expertise in business development and regulatory affairs. His recent and well-executed switch to the biotech industry demonstrates an excellent transferability of skills. He holds experience leading product development teams, multi-company development teams, and due-diligence teams. Mike thrives in fast-paced, entrepreneurial environments and looks for consulting opportunities.

Mike has had many executive successes, and effectively connects his impressive education and background as an Oncologist at MD Anderson, U of Penn and Columbia to his present work as a CMO. Mike joined LS Associates in the fall of 2021 after his third CMO role with public biotech/oncology companies. Mike appreciates the interim and consulting CMO model as he can continue to offer his expertise and experience to a variety of clients. He quickly became an extension of the current team and started adding value in his interim CMO roles, while still maintaining close ties with the biotech community. His steady relationship with the biotech community allows him to connect and combine insight, such to better serve his clientele.