David Song

David Song is a buy-side investment and corporate finance strategy executive with a track record of generating superior investment returns at hedge funds and long-only funds while advocating positive change through engagement with company managements. David is a seasoned relationship builder who has assembled a network of 200+ management teams (private and public) across the globe, several institutional buy side professionals (hedge fund, long-only, and PE/VC), sell-side analysts, family office / HNW contacts, and physicians/scientists. He has the ability to translate highly technical subject areas into actionable investments through successful communication with various stakeholders: generalist investors, wealth management clients, pension investors, and ESG investment professionals. David has biological/medical domain knowledge and breadth in healthcare investment mandate (i.e. biotech, medical devices, diagnostics, and digital health firms) have shaped rigorous research and analytical capabilities that are translatable into various functions in industry, including investor relations, financial planning, and corporate strategy. Passionate about working with entrepreneurs, scientists, and other leaders to provide solutions in healthcare.