Featured Spotlight: Rick Fuller

This week LS Associates would like to spotlight Rick Fuller.

• August 25, 2022

This week LS Associates would like to spotlight Rick Fuller.

Rick Fuller is an independent pharmaceutical consultant for drug development companies. Rick has had a robust career with 20+ years of experience as he served as a physician with clinical development experience across multiple therapeutic areas including pulmonology, clinical pharmacology, and allergic diseases. He has worked to make multiple investigational new drug applications (IND), held large agency meetings, made orphan drug designations, and acted as first-in-human through pivotal trial design and execution.

Rick serves as a clinical development consultant to bio-pharmaceutical companies that requires highly skilled, hands-on physician support in all stages of clinical development. His duties in this role include, due diligence of product candidates, fundraising, supporting of IND filings (including leadership at FDA), design and medical oversight of clinical trials in multiple therapeutic areas, as well as the overall creation of clinical development plans. In addition to, associating activities and management of key opportunities for the expansion of the clinical development and operations infrastructure as required over time.

Rick currently works in Interim (consultant) in clinical development roles at the Medical Director, VP, CMO level: including independent Board seats, and/or strategic advisory roles.

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