Featured Spotlight: Mike Wood

This week, LS Associates would like to spotlight Michael Wood! 

• February 1, 2023

This week, LS Associates would like to spotlight Michael Wood!

Michael is a highly experienced Biotech executive and serial entrepreneur with years of experience within the industry, he specializes in company formation, forecasting, fundraising, executing transformative business development deals, commercial planning and building industry leading teams.

Michael has previously held roles at pharmaceutical companies ranging from Co-Founder, CEO and CFO to COO and corporate development leader. He has orchestrated large deals to take his companies to the next stage of growth and help advance their scientific research. Michael is skilled and experienced with fundraising in both the private and public markets as well as executing product launches while emphasizing the story of the company to the leading shareholders. On top of cofounding multiple biotech companies, Michael has trained at three fortune 50 companies ranging from investment banking to large pharmaceutical organizations. Michael received his MBA in Finance, Strategy, and Entrepreneurship from the University of Chicago; Mike serves LS Associates as a CEO, COO or CFO, his skill set is extremely unique and truly indispensable, we highly value Michael’s work!

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