Featured Spotlight: Jay Sherwood

This week, LS Associates would like to highlight our very own Jay Sherwood!

• February 1, 2023

This week, LS Associates would like to highlight our very own Jay Sherwood!

Jay Sherwood brings over 35 years of accounting, investment banking, and CFO experience supporting both private and public companies in a variety of sectors including: life sciences, medical technology, and healthcare services. Jay offers impressive expertise in raising capital, mergers and acquisitions, as well as financial advisory transactions. In this area, Jay has been responsible for raising more than $4.3 billion in equity and debt financing, as well as more the $2.5 billion in merger and acquisition transaction value. His experience in equity financing includes private placements of common and preferred stock with various capital sources, in addition to initial public offerings (IPOs) and follow-ons within the NYSE, NASDAQ and OTC Markets.

Jay’s expertise extends to the SEC, Senior Management, BOD reporting and communications, all the way to preparing and reviewing financial and operating forecasts for companies. He has exceptional IPO preparedness, great presence with investor relations as well as high-end development and preparation of writing business sections for SEC filing. Jay exhibits a strong analytic benchmarking approach to evaluating financials, operating performance, and corporate strategy. He serves LS Associates as an interim CFO!

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